Hipposerve Terms of Service

Website Designer

Our design services aims to provide high quality and high performance websites with the addition of Hipposerve hosting services.

Website Designer

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1. Introduction #

Our design services aim to provide high quality and high performance websites with the addition of Hipposerve hosting services.

2. Agreement #

Prior to initiating any design work, a bespoke website design agreement tailored to each client will be signed. This agreement is prepared following an initial discovery meeting and includes a detailed price breakdown and payment schedule.

3. Payment Terms #

3.1 Payment Option 1: #

A deposit of 50% is required before work begins. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project and prior to website launch.

3.2 Payment Option 2: #

(available upon request): A deposit of 25% is required to commence work, followed by six equal monthly instalments.

3.2 Additional Costs: #

Prices listed on our website exclude hosting costs and website management fees.

3.4 Website Ownership #

The website and all associated data remain the property of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited until full payment has been received.

4. 12-Month Guarantee #

4.1 Scope of Guarantee #

This guarantee covers technical fixes and corrections of typographical errors for a period of 12 months post-launch.

4.2 Exclusions #

It excludes data backup, plugin updates (unless included in a Website Maintenance Plan), content updates, and website additions not specified in the original agreement.

4.3 Poor Website Performance #

If poor performance is linked to underpowered web hosting, additional costs may be incurred and communicated.

5 Website Content #

5.1 Content provision #

Clients typically provide their own content; however, a paid content writing service is available and can be arranged during our discovery meeting.

6. SEO #

6.1 SEO Ready #

All websites are built SEO-ready, incorporating basic keywords and site structure. Expanded SEO services are available upon request.

6.2 SEO Services #

We are able to provide full bespoke SEO services, which are available on request

7. Post-Launch Updates #

7.1 Technical Updates and Corrections #

Technical updates and corrections of mistakes are included in our 12-month guarantee and provided at no additional cost.

7.2 Content Updates #

Content updates and additions post-launch are billed at our standard hourly rate of  £69.99 per hour, excluding VAT. Clients with a managed hosting plan may receive up to four content updates per month as part of their hosting agreement.

8. Hosting #

8.1 Hosting Agreement #

You agree to host the website with us for a minimum period of 12 months and transfer your domain to us. Our hosting services are competitive in terms of speed and security. After this period, you may transfer the hosting to a third party at your discretion.

8.2 Transferring Away from Us #

We do not facilitate the transfer, and no refunds are provided for prepaid hosting. Additional fees may apply for other services included in your hosting plan, such as email.

9. Website Management #

Under a 12-month minimum agreement, we provide daily backups, security updates, monthly health checks, and up to four content updates per month. If you choose to transfer management to a third party before the 12-month period ends, no refunds will be provided for prepaid management costs. The 12-month guarantee will continue to apply, but will not cover issues related to outdated

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