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Hippo Giving

This page includes the Hippo Giving (Charity) terms and conditions governing the operations of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited.

Hippo Giving

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1. Eligibility for Free/Discounted Hosting #

We are committed to supporting legitimate charitable organizations. Eligibility for our free or heavily discounted hosting is exclusively for charities registered in the UK and listed on the UK Charity Commission’s website.

During the order process, charities are required to provide their full registered name and registration number, along with an outline of their charitable activities.

2. Criteria for Eligibility #

2.1 Charity’s Work and Intent #

The charitable work should align with our interests, with a clear mission to aid others without engaging in extreme political or religious activities.

2.2 Compensation and Fiscal Responsibility #

Salaries within the charity should be reasonable, with assurance that funds are not misused.

2.3 Transparency and Documentation #

Charities must present evidence of their activities and agree to periodically share updates for promotional use on our blog.

2.4 Domain Name Requirement #

Charities must procure or transfer a domain name through our service to utilize the free hosting.

2.5 Payment Method on File #

A valid payment method must be stored on the account to deter fraudulent activity, even for accounts using the free service.

2.6 Scale of Operations #

This hosting offer is intended for small or newly established charities. An increase in website traffic that impacts service for others may necessitate an upgrade to a paid service, available at a discount.

2.7 Compliance with Terms #

All charity websites are subject to our standard terms and conditions and acceptable use policy, available here.

3. Important Domain Name Information #

3.1 Domain Name Validity #

A valid domain name is crucial for the operation of the charity’s website and email. Automatic renewal notifications will be sent 14 days prior to expiration, with payment being taken automatically.

3.2 Expiration and Consequences #

Failure to process payment may lead to the expiration of the domain name, disabling the website and email services. Post 30 days of expiration, the domain may be released publicly.

3.3 Account Inactivity #

If an active domain is not maintained for 90 days, we reserve the right to terminate the hosting account, including all data and services, without backup obligations. Unsettled accounts will be addressed through a debt collection agency in line with our Charging Terms and Conditions here.

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