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Super fast and cheap UK web hosting from the hippos at Hipposerve

Super Fast Cloud Hosting for High Performance

Don’t be satisfied with slow webpage loading times. Our aim is to offer superfast cloud hosting for websites of any size where speed and performance is our number one priority. With the latest NVMe ultra-fast storage, Dual AMD EPYC & Intel Gold Processors, Litespeed Web server, MariaDB and a 20GBp/s Connection – All as standard — you can be sure your website will be streaks ahead of the rest.*

*shared hosting plans only. Other plans allow customised environments.

With 10/10 Customer Support too!

Add our 10/10 support, and you can be sure to that we can take your personal site, community organization or business to the next level.

Awesome Features To Make
Your Website Fly

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is up to 10 times faster than Apache, the web server used by most web hosts. It is a drop-in replacement. This means there will be no difference in the way your website behaves (except a lot faster, of course!)

Hippo VPS Servers

Dual AMD EPYC & Intel CPUs

Ultra Fast and Environmentally friendly, these processors will make sure that your website can handle loads of simultaneous visitors eith ease.


The database behind your website is its lifeblood. A fully optimised database will keep your website running in tip top condition. MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. Your website will work in exactly the same way, but with enhanced performance

NVMe Storage

The fastest storage in the industry. With no moving parts and high data throughput, your website will wait for no-one.


20Gbp/s Connection

Mosts hosts have a 1Gbp/s connection, with some upgrading to 10Gbp/s. Not us – we are only satisfied with 20Gbp/s!

Hipposerve Hassle-Free Features

What Makes Hipposerve Different from Everyone Else?

Customer Support

This is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to cut through the all the technical jargon that surround web hosting to give you a truly hassle-free service.

Affordable Performance

80% of your visitors will leave if your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load. We provide all the tools necessary to make your website fly. This includes Ultra-Fast NVMe Storage, AMD EPYC & Intel Gold Processors  LiteSpeed™ web servers and fast transactional MariaDB® databases on our shared hosting — all at a really great price.

Hipposerve Web Hosting

Security & Reliability

Protect the reputation of your business or organization with our robust security suite. Sleep soundly knowing that your website is always online, with Malware & Virus protection and Always on DDoS Protection being monitored by the Hippo Helper team 24/7.

Free Hippo

Yes you read it correctly, we do offer a free hippo to all our hosting customers.

Ok, it's a toy, but very cute, and just a token of our appreciation to our customers.

Hipposerve website transfers are free - best UK web hosting

Transfer your Website
to us for Free!

We understand that transferring a website isn't an easy process. This is why we offer a FREE website transfer service, to move your website, email, and other online services to Hipposerve. No website is the same, so we work with you to develop a web transfer plan and timescale.
In addition, we:


Liaise with your existing provider to give you a seemless transfer


Audit and optimise your existing website where possible


Transfer domains, emails and other associated services.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 20 years of expertise in supporting users with all types of internet service. Your custom is also extremely important to us. You will always be greeted in a  friendly and courteous manner by our expert Hippo Helper team.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If your website goes down, your business becomes invisible. This is why we work tirelessly to protect our systems from disruptions


Hassle-Free Guarantee

We will be there for you when you need us most, to help you sort out an issue, or to upgrade your services quickly and easily. And remember, no question is a daft question. If it's causing you worry, we will help you solve it!

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