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About Us

Who We Are

About Us – A Friendly team with Loads of  Experience Across the Industry

About Us – The individuals working for Hipposerve individually have over 20 years experience of the industry each, either on the technical side, in support or in sales. This wealth of expertise across the industry makes us ideally placed to serve our customers.

Having experienced first hand poor customer services from a number of different hosting providers, customer satisfaction became the number one priority when we founded the company.

Our aim is to make your hosting experience as straightforward as possible, so you can get on with using your site as a promotion tool, or concentrating on your business.

Let’s face it, the technical part of web hosting is rather tricky – far more tricky than it needs to be. At Hipposerve we strive to shield you from this so you can get  on with deploying your website in whatever manner you choose and get on with running your business.
We offer 24/7 online support and telephone support from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Whilst we can never tell how long a problem will take to fix, we aim to contact you within 45 minutes of an online ticket being raised to give you an estimate.

Our Mission

  • Reliable internet services that meet the needs of individuals, communities and businesses.
  • A team of friendly and committed people.
  • Respecting that the customer's needs are unique and therefore strive to offer a bespoke experience.
  • Continually reviewed so we continue to offer high quality services that provide excellent value for money.
  • Continue to invest and adapt within the fast paces changes of the industry.

Our Vision

"Harnessing the Potential of the World Wide Web"

Hipposerve Points of Culture

1) Friendly

Friendly HippoI am friendly and approachable to my colleagues and to customers.

I will do everything I can to make our customers feel at ease with our products and to ensure that they are only sold products that they genuinely need.

I will not pressure customers to purchase add on products, or product tiers that are not appropriate.

2) Integrity

Honest HippoI am always honest in everything I do. If I make a promise, I will deliver on that promise.

I will always be truthful to customers about products and their fitness for their requirements. I will not try to oversell product tiers.

We all make mistakes. If I make a mistake, I will inform whoever necessary in order to resolve the problem

3) Responsibility

Support HippoI am fully accountable for all my actions. I appreciate the outcome of my actions both in my work and in my life as a whole.

I am responsible for my results and I understand that for things to change, I must adapt.

4) Unity

Teamwork HippoI value being part of a united team.

Not only am I a team player, but I am also a team leader. My focus is on working together and working through conflict towards a resolution.

I am supportive of others and I know I will be supported by others should I need help.

5) Sharing

Sharing HippoIf I have an idea, that I think will develop Hipposerve I will share it with the whole team.

I know that my ideas will be appreciated and considered by everyone in the organisation.

In turn I will value contributions from other members of the team.


6) Development

Development HippoI will take every opportunity to develop in my role and personally.

As well as gaining knowledge, I will help develop others using my own experiences.

I will also learn from my mistakes and become a better person because of them.

7) Well Rounded

Well Rounded HippoI have a balanced approach to life and appreciate that the family, social and physical sides are just as important as my working role.

I will make sure that I complete the most important work tasks first to give me quality personal time.

8) Fun

Fun HippoI enjoy life and want to create a happy purposeful atmosphere around me.

I work hard, but do so in a fun way, being able to talk to other members of the team when things don't go as planned

Working for Hipposerve is great. We have a great team that are passionate about our customers. Our customers really appreciate the personal support they receive throughout their journey with us"

Lucy Jackson – Sales / Marketing

"Every day there is a new challenge working at Hipposerve - but in a good way. It is a great team to work for, with a fantastic work ethic and respect for our customers."

Jason Tedale – Accounts / Sales

"Every day is a busy day in the technical support department. We spend a lot of time working with our customers on their issues, to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome. "

Toby Sanders – Technical Support / Sales

WHo We Are

Our Team