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Rock Your Online Presence with a .band Domain from Hipposerve!


Are you ready to take your musical journey online? Stand out from the crowd with a .band domain name!

Sunday, 21st April, 2024

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Whether you’re a garage band dreaming of the big stage, a seasoned group with albums under your belt, or a music manager looking to boost your acts, Hipposerve’s latest offer on the .band domain is music to your ears!

£21.99 £29.99

Why Choose a .band Domain?

Ideal for Anyone in the Music Industry: The .band domain is a perfect fit for anyone associated with music. It’s instantly recognizable and tells your audience exactly what to expect. Whether you’re launching a new band, managing established artists, or running a music-related business, a .band domain adds a layer of professional, industry-specific branding that stands out.

It’s All About Branding: On business cards, websites, flyers, or promotional materials, a .band domain ensures your branding hits the right note. It’s not just a domain—it’s a declaration of your passion and your niche in the vast world of music.

Who Benefits from a .band Domain?

  • New Bands: Kickstart your online presence with a domain that screams music.
  • Existing Bands: Upgrade your domain to match your band’s name and ethos.
  • Band Managers: Showcase your roster of talent with a clean, professional URL.
  • Music Companies: Whether you sell instruments or organize gigs, a .band domain aligns perfectly with your market.

Quirky and Memorable Domain Names

Imagine having a domain like RockinOut.band, JazzFusion.band, or BeatsByNight.band. Quirky names not only make your URL memorable but also encourage clicks, which is great for SEO and online marketing.

Special Offer Alert!

For a limited time, Hipposerve is offering the .band domain at a striking discount—only £21.99 for the first year, down from the regular £29.99. Plus, you can secure this price for up to 10 years in advance, multiplying your savings and locking down your perfect domain for a decade of hassle-free branding.

Why Now is the Time to Act

Securing your .band domain at this discounted rate means not only do you save money, but you also make a long-term investment in your brand’s online presence. With no impact on your Google rankings or SEO, the .band domain is purely beneficial.

No Strings Attached

There are no usage restrictions on .band domains, making them a versatile choice for all your musical endeavors.

Hipposerve’s Sweet Suite of Freebies

With every .band domain, Hipposerve offers a suite of free services to amplify your online presence:

  • Advanced DNS Management: Take control of your domain’s DNS settings with ease—perfect for tech-savvy musicians or managers.
  • DNS Backup: Protect your domain’s information with free DNS backup, ensuring your site stays online even if the unexpected happens.
  • Domain Parking: Secure your domain name now, even if your site isn’t ready. It’s perfect for reserving that ideal name until you hit the right note.
  • Domain and Email Forwarding: Redirect visitors and emails to your primary website or email address seamlessly—great for marketing and building a cohesive online presence.

Need a Hand? Meet the Hippo Helpers!

Not sure how to set up your new .band domain? The Hippo Helpers are here to assist you in forwarding it directly to your current website or a specific landing page, ensuring a smooth transition and a professional look.

Don’t Miss Out!

This offer is a limited-time encore that you won’t want to miss. Visit Hipposerve now to secure your .band domain and start strumming your way to online success!

Welcome to Our World!

With over two decades of experience under our belts, each of us at Hipposerve brings a rich blend of expertise, whether it's in technical know-how, stellar support, or savvy sales. We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in hosting services, and that's exactly why customer happiness tops our list. We started Hipposerve with a simple goal: to make hosting hassle-free so you can focus on promoting your business or brand.

Why Choose Us?

We're not just about unbeatable prices and top-notch service. When you join our family, you get to enjoy a bundle of Hippo Perks:

  1. A Free Hippo with many of our products (who doesn't love a freebie?).
  2. Domain names from just £0.99, and even free on select hosting plans.
  3. Complimentary hosting for registered UK Charities – we love giving back!
  4. Hassle-free website migration, because moving to a new provider shouldn't be a headache.
  5. Up to 50% off our hosting prices for web designers and developers.

Easy Ordering

Getting started is a breeze. Our fully automated online process means you can sign up for a hosting package in just a few clicks. But hey, we're all ears if you'd rather chat about options or have any questions. Just drop us a message at our support desk, and we'll be right with you!

Just a quick note for our readers: The articles you find in our blog are a collection from Hipposerve's past. Keep in mind that some of these posts might talk about products we no longer offer, or mention old prices and deals that have since changed. For the most up-to-date information on what's available, including current prices and offers, please check out our main website pages. Oh, and just so you know, we can't honour any prices or offers mentioned in our older blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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