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Domain of the Week – First Impressions Count with a .Beauty Domain from Hipposerve!


In the vibrant world of beauty, first impressions count. Imagine showcasing your beauty clinic, spa, or wellness centre online with a URL that sparkles as much as your services.

Sunday, 14th April, 2024

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This week, we’re spotlighting the perfect digital accessory for anyone in the beauty industry: the .beauty domain. It’s not just a URL—it’s a statement of style and elegance, ideal for your business card or shopfront. And right now, Hipposerve is making this chic choice more irresistible than ever!

grab a .beauty domain from Hipposerve

£12.99 £16.99

Why Choose a .beauty Domain?

The .beauty domain is tailored for anyone associated with aesthetics and wellness. Whether you run a beauty clinic, sell organic skincare products, manage a health spa, operate a wellness clinic, or even run a personal blog dedicated to beauty tips, this domain aligns perfectly with your brand. It communicates exactly what you offer at just a glance, enhancing your online presence and making your website instantly recognizable.

Perfect for Various Beauty Ventures:

  • Beauty Clinics: Stand out in a crowded market with a domain that speaks to your expertise.
  • Beauty Product Retailers: Connect instantly with beauty enthusiasts looking for the next big thing in skincare or makeup.
  • Health Spas & Wellness Clinics: Emphasize your commitment to well-being and luxury.
  • Aesthetic Centres: Highlight your focus on beauty and cosmetic treatments.
  • Personal Beauty Blogs: Share your insights and tips with a URL that’s as fashionable as your content.

And why not get creative with your domain name? Imagine the fun and quirky names you could create: Glitz.Beauty, ZenSpa.Beauty, or even PotionPalace.Beauty!

An Offer You Can’t Miss!

Hipposerve is now offering the .beauty domain at an amazing price of just £12.99 for the first year—down from £16.99. It’s the perfect time to secure your domain for up to 10 years in advance, locking in massive savings and ensuring your brand stands out for years to come.

Why .beauty Is a Great Deal:

  • SEO and Brand Visibility: Having a .beauty domain won’t affect your Google rankings negatively. In fact, it could enhance your brand’s visibility and make your website more memorable to your audience.
  • Long-Term Savings: By taking advantage of this reduced rate for multiple years, you protect your brand from future price increases and keep your budget predictable.

Exclusive Benefits from Hipposerve:

With any Hipposerve domain, you enjoy a suite of premium features that make managing your online presence effortless:

  • Advanced DNS Management: Gain full control over your DNS settings, enabling you to connect your domain with any web platform seamlessly.
  • Free DNS Backup: Safeguard your online presence against unexpected downtimes, ensuring your site remains accessible to your customers at all times.
  • Free Domain Parking: Reserve your domain name even before your website is ready.
  • Free Domain Forwarding and Email Forwarding: Redirect visitors and emails to your primary website or email address, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Bonus Support from Hippo Helpers:

Need help setting up? Our Hippo Helpers are here to assist you in forwarding your new .beauty domain directly to your main website or a specific landing page, ensuring a smooth and professional online transition.

Any Restrictions?

The .beauty domain is incredibly versatile, but it’s always good to check the latest guidelines to ensure your chosen domain name meets all regulatory requirements.

Ready to beautify your online presence? Visit Hipposerve today and secure your .beauty domain at this unbeatable price. Remember, in the world of beauty, your brand’s look is everything—make yours count with a .beauty domain!

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