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Website Doctor

Our Website Doctor and Website Clinic services, designed to diagnose, repair, and optimize website performance.

Website Doctor

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1. Introduction #

Our Website Doctor and Website Clinic services, designed to diagnose, repair, and optimize website performance.

2.  Website Doctor Service #

2.1 Audit and Quote #

We will provide a free audit and an estimate for the completion of the work, based on our hourly rate of £69.99 per hour, excluding VAT.

2.3 Commencement of Work #

We will commence work on the acceptance of the quote and a deposit payment of 50% for the work. We will commence the repair of identified issues as per the provided estimate. Should additional concerns arise during our investigation, we will inform you in advance and provide the costs for resolving these additional issues, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed.

3. Website Clinic Service #

3.1 Performance Optimization Service #

This service requires upfront payment. Once we receive your login credentials, we will perform a comprehensive tune-up of your website. A performance report, highlighting improvements using the, will be provided before and after our service. If we determine that poor performance is due to inadequate web hosting, we will provide advice and notify you of any potential additional costs.

4. Security and Credentials #

4.1 Administrative Access #

To perform any work on your website, administrator access to the site installation, control panels, and any content management system or web builder you use is essential. We recommend changing your passwords and using an encrypted password service like https://password.link/ to send us these details securely. We cannot be held liable for any compromised credentials sent to us.

4.2 Removal of Information Upon Completion #

We do not store any password information or login credentials longer than necessary, and all details are removed upon completion of the service.

5. Backups #

5.1 Pre Work backup #

Before initiating any work, we attempt to take a complete backup of your data and databases.

5.2 Site Restoration #

If we encounter issues or you are dissatisfied with the work, this will enable us to restore the website to its original condition. However, if the issue you reported is resolved or if performance improvements are verified under the Performance Optimization Service, refunds are not available under our “No Fix, No Fee” guarantee.

6. Hippo Hosting Offer #

6.1 Half Price for 1 Year #

Customers experiencing technical or performance issues who utilize our Website Doctor or Website Clinic services are eligible for a 50% discount on our shared hosting products for one year.

6.2 Applicable Products #

This offer is applicable to the following products: Hippo Hosting, Hippo Publish, Hippo Builder, and Business Smart.

6.3 Offer Limitations #

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts offered by Hipposerve.

7 “No Fix, No Fee” Guarantee #

7.1 Refund #

Should we fail to resolve the original issue, we will refund your 50% deposit or, in the case of the Performance Optimization Service, the full fee.

7.2 Site Restoration #

We will also restore your site to its previous state.

7.3 Exclusions #

This guarantee is void if we lack necessary access due to incomplete login credentials or if you decide to withdraw from the project after commencement, in which case the deposit will be retained to cover costs incurred.


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