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Domain Names - 99p


.com - 99p


.org - 99p


.eu - 99p


.net - 99p


.uk - 99p

£11.99 - 99p

£11.99 - 99p


.info - 99p


.cymru - 99p


.wales - 99p


.me - £15.99


.al - £8.99

£12.99 - £8.99

£12.99 - £8.99

£12.99 - £11.99


.scot - £25.99


.gay - £4.99


.lgbt - £15.99


.club - £13.99


.live - £6.99


.tattoo - £4.99


.green - £9.99


.london - £18.99


.shop - £9.99


.ski - £24.99


.social - £9.99


.tech - £6.99


.biz - £15.99


.art - £14.99


.best - £5.99


.bio - £9.99


.blog - £22.99


.love - £11.99


.monster - £4.99


.xyz - £5.99


.mom - £7.99


.baby - £19.99


.family - £22.99


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Web Designer Club

Up to

50% Off
our hosting & add on prices

Suitable For:

Web site designers, web developers and web design agencies with a growing portfolio of designs.

Number of Sites Required


2 or more


Designer or Agency


Hippo Hosting Discount



Hippo WordPress Discount



Hippo Business Pro Discount



Hippo VPS Discount



Other Add-ons Discount


Hippo Care Silver
Site Backup (Normally £8.99/mo)


Free Shared Hosting for Your Website


Your Site on a Managed VPS
(Normally £35.99/mo)


Free Development (Staging Area)
(With VPS only)


Free SSL for hosted sites


Free Hippo for you


Free Monthly Billing


Referral Network


Easy to Use Hosting Environment


Support Level


Not Quite Right For You?

Take a look at our other hosting options.


Hippo Shared

Our great value shared hosting plans are the perfect way to get started online. Fast, reliable and secure, with a FREE domain name, email and SSL

Business Smart

The natural step when you outgrow our Hippo Shared Hosting. This managed platform, gives to VPS performance, without the hassle.

Hippo VPS

Our cloud based Virtual Private Servers (VPS), give you unrivalled performance and maximum flexibility to deploy any kind of web based application.

Web Designer Club

Our exclusive club  for Web Designers, Developers &  Agencies. Tailor your hosting requirements to your customer, and save up to 50% on our services. Plus loads of other great benefits.

Hippo's a Web Designer Club member enjoying the reseller hosting benefits from Hipposerve UK

Your Site on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

As a member of the Web design club, you get to host your own website for free on our shared server!

However, as a web designer, you will know the importance of having a fast responsive website.  This is why, we have an exclusive offer for Web Design Club members which includes your website on a VPS!

We will provide The Hippo Business Pro—Success plan for just £24.99/mo (normally £35.99/mo) PLUS a FREE web development account on the VPS too (see below).

All set up for you too!

*shared hosting plans only. Other plans allow customised environments.

We will set up your Dev Space too!

It can be frustrating developing websites on shared hosting. Shared resources mean at busy times, your work rate can grind to a halt.

If you choose to host your site on a VPS server, we will set up a staging/development area, so you can design and build at full power 100% of the time.

The hippos taking advantage of  Hipposerve's staging area for new website builds

Why Join The Hippo
Website Designer Club?

Awesome Discounts

A range of amazing discounts on all our hosting products and many of our hosting add-ons. Plus our 99p domain name offer on a number of popular domain names.

Tailor Hosting for Clients

Different clients require different hosting plans. With the Website Designer Club, you can choose which plan is best for your client, without the hassle of a reseller plan.

Hassle-Free Reselling

With standard reseller plans, you need to create the packages, administer billing, manage security and technical issues. Here, the Hippo is on hand to do all that!

Freedom to Design

Without having to administer any of the technical aspects of hosting and email you are free to do what you do best, designing and developing awesome websites.

White Labelled Support

Each of your clients accounts is supported as if they are an individual customer. Your client will come to you and you forward their support request to us, and let us do the rest.

Start Growing Your Design Business Now

Join Now and Start Saving


Eligibility Criteria


It couldn’t be easier to join the Hippo Web Designer Club and start saving up to 50% on our standard monthly pricing. Just complete the form, and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

Before you do, however, just check through the list below to check you are eligible.


  1. You are a Web Designer, Web Developer or Web Design Agency and have an existing website we can view.
  2. You agree to purchase any future domain names through Hipposerve. (don’t worry, our prices are very competitive!)
  3. You agree to use Hipposerve to provide any backup solutions for your clients.
  4. Whilst not compulsory, we would love you to transfer any existing domain names to us, and your existing website too!
  5. You purchase the minimum number of services, for the required membership level, within 28 days of joining.
  6. You agree to follow the standard terms and conditions for any products you purchase.
  7. You agree to follow the terms and conditions set out for the Hippo Web Designer Club in our Special Offer Terms and Conditions
Complete our simple form to join the Hippo Web Designer Club

Apply Now!

Hippo giving the thumbs up to the amazing discounts that come with Hipposerve's Web Designer Club

Freedom to Design


Our Web Designer Club is a reseller plan with a difference. You benefit from some amazing discounts with your hosting services, without having to administer any technical aspects of the services or provide technical support.

The service is fully white-labelled, and you are free to create an additional revenue stream with a mark-up on our hosting and add-ons.

We will take care of all the techie stuff, while you concentrate on producing amazing websites.


We setup and provide guidance for all our services.


We provide on going support for all your services


We will even help you transfer existing sites and domains to us for FREE!

Anything Else?

Hippo Web Designer Club FAQ’s

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for our high performance reseller hosting
How do I get my discounts?

Apply to join our web design club! Once your account has been created, your discounts will be applied.  When you purchase any further services from us, either via your customer portal or the website, discounts will be automatically added at checkout.

Can I charge my client for the hosting?

Yes you can. We will bill you monthly for your services, and you are free to charge your customers, a mark-up to add a revenue stream for your business. You can apply these additional charges to all of our hosting products and add-ons, including our backup and email solutions.



How am I billed?

When you purchase a new service, you will be billed directly.  After that, you will receive a combined monthly bill for all your services.

If a new service is set up part way through a billing cycle, it will be prorated to align with your existing services, so after the initial bill you won’t keep getting multiple bills each month.

The exception to this is for domain names, as their renewal dates can vary.



What plans are available to Web Designer Club Members?

All our current hosting plans are available, including Business Pro and VPS hosting. We are also able to build for bespoke plans by arrangement. However, Hippo Value and Hippo WordPress Value plans are not eligible for a discount.

Do I have to use Hipposerve for my domain names?

Obviously we would prefer it and with our 99p domain offer (on selected domains for the first year), we do offer great value for money. However, if your client has a domain name elsewhere, you can choose either to move it to us, or to point it to our name servers and leave it where it is. Our technical team will be happy to support you with this.

Will I have access to the website control panels.

Of course, each hosting plan will come with its own control panel (Control panel varies depending on hosting specification).

Both you, and if you wish, your client can have access to this.




Do you offer a backup service?

Yes. You can choose a stand-alone backup option for each individual hosting plan, or you can purchase one of our Hippo Care Plans, and we will manage this for you.

All with a  Website Designer Club discount of course !

What billing cycles do you offer?

You can choose any billing cycle you wish (monthly, annually, or 3 yearly) but discounts are only applied to monthly billing cycles unless agreed by arrangement.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, direct debit and more than 50 different cryptocurrency coins. 

We are also able to accept BACS payments by arrangement for annual or 3 yearly billing cycles only.

Can I host sites with adult content?

You would be surprised how often we get asked this.

No, Hipposerve  has a very strict, zero tolerance adult hosting policy. We do not allow any content that could be considered adult or X rated.

Please check your Acceptable Use Policy for full details of this and other prohibited content.

Can my clients have more than one domain pointing to their site?

Yes, we actually recommend it. The more versions of your business name that you have parked or being used as an alias, the less chance there is of someone else using that name and passing themselves off as you.

All our packages allow multiple domain name parking and our technical team will help you set it up.

Can I build Ecommerce Sites?

Of course, we support and are able to offer advice on a range of E-Commerce solutions. We would however recommend that you choose our Hippo Ultimate Hosting, Or Hippo Business Pro hosting for e-commerce sites as they tend to attract more traffic and are more demanding performance wise.

Great Testimonials
Great Testimonials
Rave Reviews
Rave Reviews

We are Loved ♥️ by our Trusted Customers

Close Quote

My Best Investment and Asset

    

"The service in both technical and hosting is that of premium, 5 star and the relationship I have with them is very strong. They host and provide elite technical support for four of my businesses within the private business and health sector and have been on hand to provide both incredible support since that time began. The best investment and asset, by far, I have to my portfolio of businesses. Thank you for the fantastic support, the ongoing premium service and helping me and my business grow from the ground up. It’s meant everything, the world and every bit more. "

Matthew -MWStrength and Performance


Excellent Value for Money

    

"Amazing support and excellent value for money. So glad I found Hipposerve after wasting money, time and effort with competitors."



Nothing Too Much Trouble

    

"Amazing Service - nothing too much trouble and explained everything in language I could understand! Thank you"

Julie - ActionCoach


Amazed by their Professionalism and Enthusiasm

    

“Throughout my experience, I was absolutely amazed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team. In over 40 years in the IT industry, I can genuinely say that I have never come across customer service to match it.”

Chris Fairgrieve - Hamptworth Seniors Golf


The Hippo Couldn't Help me Enough

    

“Even though I pay a very small amount of money for my product, The Hippo couldn't help me enough, I wasn't made to feel like I wasn't worth his time, in fact i was flattered that even though a lower paying customer I was still given the individual customer care. He was really patient and helpful. Thanks so much for helping me to sort everything I needed. Best email service ever. I'd highly recommend Hipposerve to everyone, especially people who, like myself, aren't "tech savvy". Thanks again!”

Claire-Marie - Delightful Balloons


Highly Recommended!

    

"Highly Recommended! I cannot stress enough how good Hipposeve are, I've transferred my businesses hosting, email, etc over to them, I've recommended them to my clients and my clients have transferred to them, no problem is an issue and it's sorted in super time. Excellent Customer Service."

Adam Payne - TCMUK


A Great Customer Experience

    

"The work requested was completed by Hipposerve very quickly and a totally different experience compared to my previous host. If you are looking to renew your hosting, maybe looking to update your website or even starting out then I can highly recommend Hipposerve. Thank you to the team at Hipposerve for a great customer experience."

John Fogarty - JPF First Aid


Thanks for Your Help

    

"Hipposerve have been fantastic at helping me with my client projects. His hosting service is excellent, but his customer service is world-class! Thanks for all your help. I look forward to working with you regularly."

Will Stogdale - Boost Deisgn


Restored My Faith in Web Hosting

    

"Hipposerve simply took away all the hassle I was expecting with transferring my domain names. I have had some awful experience with other well known companies, but this friendly Hippo has restored my faith in hosting my own domain name. The service is excellent, and the transfer couldn't have been easier or more straight forward. Thanks so much."

Steven Charman - Action Coach


Outstanding Service

    

"I am the chairman of a small charity. Hipposerve advertise that they host charity websites for free so, having designed a website myself, I contacted Hipposerve and this was confirmed. Our charity has had to pay for nothing but the domain we chose to use. The service I have received from Hipposerve has been outstanding. The website I had designed needed to be transferred to the WordPress platform. This was done by Hipposerve absolutely free-of-charge and the website became live within two days of ordering the domain. My contact at Hipposerve has been quick to respond to email enquiries and has provided as much help as one could possibly expect. Who could ask for more?"

Michael Gaukroger - Ventnor Enhancement Fund


It's a Pleasure to Work with Hipposerve

    

"I know nothing about hosting or codes, and with Hippo, I didn't need to learn it at all! Jason advised me which hosting would be the most ideal for my business, gave me great tips on how to improve the speed of my website and took care of all the setup. I didn't have to worry about a thing as the whole process was swift and straightforward. I would not hesitate to recommend Hipposerve to anyone!"

Sara Tomaszewska - Little Media Agency


Great Support

    

"The best thing about Hipposerve is they don't just sell you hosting and leave you to it. They actually help you personally get your website started, and offer support in the on going updating and maintenance. It really was helpful and was great support to get going as this was my first website."

Edward Glover - Expert Voice Coach


Easy to Setup

    

"I didn't know anything about setting up a website. Once I bought my package I contacted customer support and they were able hto guide me through the process of creating my website with their web builder. I am really pleased with the result."

Sasha Hollis - Great and Small Antiques


Fast and Reliable

    

"I run a small voice over company, it's more of a hobby rather than a business and I needed somewhere to host it that was fast and reliable. My existing provider, actually one of the 'big players', was charging me a fortune with a slow service and substandard support. Hipposerve's support has been brilliant, and to top it all, I am paying less!"

Jamie Dione - Voice Over Artist


Far Superior

    

"I had 54 email addresses with over 25,000 emails (nearly 20GB of data) that I wanted to transfer. Hipposerve worked with me to set the best possible transfer date, when things would be quiet and they worked through the night to ensure that everything was up and running by Monday morning. The new email system is far superior to our old one too. Thank you for your support"

Craig Blackford - Event Organiser


Found My Problem and Fixed it Quickly

    

"My website was running slowly and there were a few errors appearing on the pages. I contacted Hipposerve to use the Web Doctor service. The support I received was really great. They found the problem and fixed it quickly. Now my site is flying"

Simon West - Online Fishing Shop


Great Advice

    

"What great advice I received. I wanted a to host my small Theatre Website which sells tickets via a small e-commerce platform. It's nothing fancy, but on occasions has quite a lot of traffic.  The guys at Hipposerve were able to point me to the correct package to suit my needs, without breaking the bank."

Sue Blake - My Little Theatre


The Guys at Hipposerve were Great

    

"Transferring from one web host to another can be a real headache. The guys at Hipposerve were great and helped me conduct a free transfer, ensuring minimum downtime for my site and other services. They also transferred my email, and aside for waiting for a few hours for DNS propagation, all went well. Thank you!"

Cory Langan - Go Travel Online


Solved my Issue in 15 Minutes!

    

"I have used Hipposerve for a number of years now and one thing that stands out is the level of support they offer. Nothing has gone wrong, but when I was unable to use a particular service, they answered my support ticket, and solved my issue within 15 minutes.!"

Jack Feathergood - Personal Blog


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