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Ventnor Enhancement Fund


Hipposerve is really proud to be able to offer our support to the Ventnor Enhancement Fund charity based in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

Tuesday, 20th July, 2021

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Hipposerve is really proud to be able to offer our support to the Ventnor Enhancement Fund charity based in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. We are providing free website hosting, free website transfer, free website audit and some free promotion.

If you run a small charity based in the UK and you think you could benefit from similar support, then you can find out more here.

About the VEF

The Ventnor Enhancement Fund was created as a charity in 2006 to add those small embellishments to the town that official bodies do not provide. 

Generous donations and support from residents and businesses, together with grants from the Big Lottery, have enabled this work to proceed, with at least one major project per year.

Ventnor Bus Shelter

La Falaise Shelter – Before and After

In this period of austerity, the activities of VEF have become even more important.   The work is carried out by a small group of volunteers, who have gained immense satisfaction from the experience of beautifying the town and adding extra facilities.  

The VEF holds monthly meetings in which they plan their short and long-term project work and fundraising activities. Work parties are arranged to tackle new and routine projects which often involves painting and decorating or gardening. 

Generally these teams consist of only a few people, but a morning’s hard work is enough to make a big difference.  The fundraising activities can be quite labour-intensive but are usually great fun and lucrative.  The VEF maintains regular contact with the Town Council, offering mutual support.  

To find out more visit the VEF website at 

or email them directly at

Flower Beds

Esplanade Flower Beds — Before and After

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