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Be Your Own Digital Landlord: The Smart Way to Own Your Domain

When you’re diving into the online world, and you need a domain name, it’s an exciting time. For a lot of people, a considerable amount of time is spent agonising over the perfect domain name for your online venture. It’s like picking out the name for your very own digital shopfront. Getting a domain for the first time can also be a little tricky – nothing online is straight forward, is it?

Now, you might be thinking, “If that is the case, why not just let my web designer or tech pal handle it?” It seems easier, but here’s the scoop on why you might want to think twice.

The Dangers of Third Party Domain Registration

When someone else registers your domain, it’s a bit like having them hold onto your house keys. More often or not, the domain is registered to them, and you do not have access to the domain registrar. If you ever need to move or change something, you will need them to do it for you. This is fine if the working relationship is still good, but we come across cases time and time again, where domain holders can get a bit funny, when asked to release a domain name.  In the most extreme case we have come across an unscrupulous developer who wanted to charge an £800 domain release fee!

In addition to this, sometimes the domain holder ceases to trade, or just disappears completely, leaving you high and dry, with no access to your domain.

On the flip side, owning your domain is like having the deed to your online property. You’re the boss.

You decide what goes on with your site without having to get anyone else’s OK. Want to switch hosting providers? Easy. Time to sell your digital space? You can, and you’ll pocket the profits.

Owning Your Domain – The Perks

Now, let’s talk perks of owning your domain:

  1. Full Control: Change, update, or transfer your domain whenever you want, no strings attached.
  2. Brand Protection: Your domain is a big part of your brand. Owning it helps keep your brand secure.
  3. No Nasty Surprises: Forget about renewal rip-offs or hidden fees. When you’re in charge, you know exactly what you’re paying.
  4. Credibility and Trust: Customers know they’re dealing with the real deal when you have a solid domain that you own.
  5. Investment in Your Future: Like real estate, digital property can increase in value. Owning your domain could be a smart investment.

And remember, going with a trusted registrar like Hipposerve means you get a fair deal right from the start. You pay what’s fair, and your domain is yours, full stop.

How Can We Help You Be Your Own Digital Landlord?

As an example, at Hipposerve, the domain always belongs to you. Not only do all domains include free website and email forwarding, you also have access to our advanced DNS, which comes complete with DNS backup. For those that don’t know – DNS tells your domain name where to find the web services and where to redirect the email – plus many other important functions.

If you don’t feel comfortable managing your DNS, you can always give delegate access to the technical bits to your web developer or tech expert, or of course ask one of the Hippo Helpers on our support team. The important thing is, the domain will always be yours, and you will remain in full control of it!

We even have our very own domain concierge service, where we hunt down great domains for you, purchase them on your behalf and ensure that they are set up correctly.

So, let’s get you set up the right way. Be Your Own Digital Landlord: Own your domain, own your online presence, and set yourself up for success without the worry.

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