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Creating an Email Forward

Creating an email forward is useful if you would like a copy of an email to be sent to another email you own, or the email of another person in your organisation. This knowledge base explains the two ways you can set up and email forward.

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Creating an Email Forward

Hipposerve Account Holders #

Login #

Logon Prompt on the Hippo portal

Select the Email Service #
  • Go to the  menu and click on My Services

Hipposerve - My Services Button

Manage Services section

Go to the Forwards Module #
  • Click on the Forwarding Button

Hippo Pro Mail Forwarding


An Internal Forward #
  • An internal forward is a forward to an address on the same domain as yours.
  • Select the mailbox from the drop-down list.
  • Select the forwarding mailbox from the drop-down list.

Internal Forwarding

An External Forward #
  • An external forward is a forward to an address on a different domain.
  • Select the External option
  • Type the email carefully in the box.

Hipposerve External Forward

Add the Forward #
  • Click the add button, to create the forward rule
  • You can add as many forwards as you need for each mail address

Hipposerve Add the Forward

Individual Email Users #

Login to Webmail #
  • Go to
  • Enter your username only. If your email is, the username will be just john.smith.
  • Enter your current password.

Webmail Login on Hipposerve

Manage Your Email Account #
  • Click on the account icon in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Account Icon

  • Choose My Account from the menu.

My Account

The Forwards Option #
  • Select the forwards option from the Accounts Menu

Forward Menu

Add The Email Forward #
  • Add either internal or external forward address in the box.
  • You can add as many forwards as you need to each email.

Forward Option

Click Save #

Make sure you also click the save button


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