Hipposerve Terms of Service

Web Designer Club

This page includes the Web Designer Club terms and conditions governing the operations of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited.

Web Designer Club

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1. Eligibility Criteria #

1.1. Membership Qualifications #

You must be a Web Designer, Web Developer, or a Web Design Agency with a demonstrable online presence, verified by an existing website.

1.2. Domain Name Registration #

All future domain name registrations must be conducted through our services, ensuring competitive pricing and integration with our support infrastructure.

1.3. Backup Solutions #

You are required to utilize our backup solutions for all client data protection needs.

1.4. Domain and Website Transfer #

While not mandatory, we encourage the transfer of any existing domain names and websites to our management to streamline your services.

1.5. Service Purchase Requirements #

Membership requires the purchase of a minimum set of services within 28 days of joining. Failure to comply will result in the conversion of your account to a standard Hipposerve Account.

1.6. Adherence to Terms #

All purchases are subject to our standard terms and conditions, which must be adhered to without exception.

1.7. Web Designer Club, Hippo Giving or other Offers #

The Web Designer Club’s offer features a substantial discount and cannot be combined with any other offers or plans. This applies to the Hippo Giving scheme for charities, as well as any other temporary promotions made available to the general public.

2. Financial Terms #

2.1. Discounted Prices #

Membership includes lifetime discounts on selected plans, subject to adjustment at our discretion. ii. Discounts are calculated as a percentage of standard rates, which may alter the net discount value if standard prices are amended. iii. Discount schemes exclude “Value” hosting plans from the Website Designer Club benefits.

2.2. Account Arrears #

Standard billing practices apply to accounts in arrears, detailed in our billing and charging policy, available here. ii. To maintain service continuity, we retain the right to directly engage with users under your account for the provision of alternate web services arrangements, including the potential establishment of independent accounts.

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