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Domain Names

This page includes basic information regarding the use of TLD's and regulations governing the most common TLDs

Domain Names

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1. General Information #

1.1 Domain Name Supply #

We, provide an extensive range of Top-Level Domain Names (TLDs). Due to the dynamic nature of domain name rules and the vast number of TLDs, it is not feasible for us to detail each TLD’s specific rules.

1.2 Usage and Revocation #

Before purchasing a domain name, customers are strongly advised to verify that the domain name will be used for its intended purpose and within the intended location. Misuse of domain names may lead to revocation at any time.

1.3 Fundamental Rules #

All domain names are subject to basic rules. These are shown in section 2.

2. Rules and Restrictions #

2.1 Characters Permitted #

  • Domain names can only include letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-). Other characters are not permitted.
  • Hyphens cannot be at the start or end of a domain name.
  • Domain names cannot be registered if they are already in use.
  • Domain names are not case-sensitive (e.g., ‘Example.com’ is equivalent to ‘example.com’).
  • Customers are advised against registering domain names that may infringe upon another company’s trademark, unless legal rights to do so are established.

2.2 Length and Format #

  • Minimum Length: Three characters plus the extension for all domain names.
  • Maximum Length: ‘uk’, ‘com’, ‘org’, ‘net’ domains can have up to 64 characters. All other domain extensions are limited to 63 characters, excluding the extension.

3. Domain Specific Restrictions #

3.1 TLD Variations #

Due to the diverse range of registries, an exhaustive list of all TLDs and their restrictions is not provided here. Customers should consult the relevant registry or a domain registration service provider for specific TLD information. Examples of common TLDs and their general restrictions are provided below for reference.

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) #

  1. .com – Commercial businesses; no restrictions.
  2. .org – Organizations (traditionally non-profit); no restrictions.
  3. .net – Network infrastructures; no restrictions.
  4. .info – Informational sites; no restrictions.
  5. .biz – Businesses; no restrictions.
  1. .edu – Educational institutions (mostly restricted to accredited degree-granting institutions in the U.S.).
  2. .gov – United States Government agencies and entities.
  3. .mil – United States Military.
  4. .jobs – Employment-related sites (companies must be verifiable employers).
  5. .museum – Museums.

Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) #

  1. .us (United States) – Generally no restrictions, but some specific subdomains have limitations.
  2. .uk (United Kingdom) – Various second-level domains under .uk have different restrictions (e.g., .co.uk for commercial entities, .ac.uk for academic institutions).
  3. .de (Germany) – Must have a local contact in Germany.
  4. .ca (Canada) – Must meet Canadian presence requirements.
  5. .au (Australia) – Must have a connection to Australia and meet specific criteria for various second-level domains (e.g., .com.au for commercial entities).

New gTLDs #

  1. .app – Intended for apps, requires HTTPS for secure connection.
  2. .blog – Blogs; no restrictions but intended for blogging.
  3. .health – Health industry; may have specific requirements to ensure relevance.
  4. .realty – Real estate industry; may have restrictions to ensure industry relevance.
  5. .tech – Technology; no restrictions but intended for technology-related entities.

Restricted Domains #

Some domains have specific restrictions based on geographical location, industry sector, or other criteria:

  1. .bank – Financial institutions, subject to verification and security measures.
  2. .law and .lawyer – Legal professionals, with verification required.
  3. .pharmacy – Legitimate pharmacies, subject to verification.

4. Additional Terms #

4.1 Case Sensitivity #

Domain names are not case-sensitive. Variations in letter casing are considered the same domain (e.g., ‘AAA.com’, ‘aaa.com’, and ‘AaA.com’).

4.2 Validation Checks #

We endeavour to prevent the registration of domain names that do not comply with the aforementioned rules through our registration systems. However, should our checks not catch a non-compliant domain name, we advise clients to seek guidance to ensure the chosen domain name’s validity.

4.3 Domain Registration Failure #

We are not responsible if an invalid domain name is attempted to be registered and is accepted by our systems. Acceptance by our system does not equate to acceptance of domain registration by the relevant registry.

4.4 Spelling or Typographic Errors in Domain Registration #

In the event that a domain name is registered with a spelling or typographic error, it is the registrant’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the domain name before finalizing the registration. Our system’s acceptance of a domain registration request does not include verification of spelling or typographical correctness. Once a domain name is registered, it is deemed final and no refunds or cancellations will be offered for misspelled domain names. Registrants are encouraged to double-check their domain name for accuracy prior to submission to avoid any such errors.

5. Generic Top-Level Domain Registrations #

5.1 Registrar Partnerships #

We register our domain names through various registrars, including but not limited to NETIM. By registering a domain, customers enter into a contract with NETIM.

5.2 Non-Roman Alphabet Domains #

We may accept applications to register and renew certain gTLD names in non-Roman alphabet languages (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean), at our discretion.

5.3 Registrar Terms #

For terms and conditions specific to NETIM, customers are directed to their legal agreements at https://www.netim.com/en/general-terms

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