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Managing Your Hippo VPS Instance

Your Hippo VPS has a number of additional features to help you manage your server. This is accessible from your Hippo Portal.

Managing Your Hippo VPS Instance

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Introduction #

Your Hippo VPS has a number of additional features to help you manage your server. This is accessible from your Hippo Portal. This guide explains these management features.

Login #

Select the VPS Hosting Service or Website #

  • Go to the  My Services  link on the menu

Hipposerve - My Services Button

  • Select the Business Pro hosting service that you would like to manage.
  • Click on the Manage  button

Manage Services

This will bring up the overview, which gives information about your current plan.

Management Tools #

Here there are all the available service actions, service management tools and information about your installation.
VPS Options

Finding Your Root Password #

You need your root password to access the Console of your server or to give you root access to your installed control panel.

  • In the instance details, click on the eye icon to display your password.
  • Please note, if you change this password in your control panel, it will not update here and you will have to keep your own record.

Display your password

Start Server Button #

Server Start Button

  • This allows you to start the server, it is in a stopped state.


Stop Server Button #

Server Stop Button

  • This allows you to stop the server if required. This will take it completely offline. You will need to start the server again before you can use it.


Reboot Server Button #

Severe Reboot Button

  • This allows you to perform a graceful reboot of your server. This is useful if your website or application has hung and you want to try a server restart before diagnosis.
  • A reboot can take 10-15 minutes to perform.


Start Reinstall Button #

Server Reinstall Button

  • This reinstalls the server to the original configuration when it was first installed.
  • This option performs a clean install and will remove all data from the server, including your website and any databases.
  • Use with caution. It is recommended you take a backup of all your user data before using this option.

Console (VNC) Button #

  • This gives you secure access to the command line of your VPS sever via VNC
  • Your root login credentials are the ones listed above.
  • Please use with caution, as Hipposerve can not accept any responsibility for server failure due to changes made in the console.

Server Backup Button #

Server Backup Button

  • This is only available if you purchased the auto backups option during sign up. If you wish to add auto backups to your installation, please raise a ticket with the Hippo Helper team  at and we will enable it for you.
  • From this interface you can schedule your backups, or restore an existing backup.
  • Backups differ from Snapshots as these are automatic.

Back Ups List

  • To schedule a backup, click the schedule backup button and complete the form below. Once it is confirmed, the backups will be performed according to the schedule. The server will keep retain the last two backups.

Backups Schedule

  • You can delete unwanted backups by choosing the trash can. You can perform a full system restore by clicking on the recycle option.

Restore the Backup

  • Use restore with caution – The restore option restores the server to the same condition as to when it was taken. This means any data added since the backup was taken, will be removed.

Custom ISO Button #

  • This allows you to rebuild the server using a custom ISO, to a specification you require.
  • Choose from a list of ISOs available.

  • Alternatively, you can provide us with a custom ISO of your own making, and we can install this for you. You can get in touch with us at

Firewall Button #

  • Your VPS comes with its own custom firewall that sits between your server and the internet.
  • Initially, all non-essential ports are closed, but you can customize this to suit your needs and the application.
  • You can add new rules by clicking on the Add rules button below.

  • You can fully configure your firewall using the options below.

Firewall Configuration

  • Care should be taken when using the firewall, as opening or closing incorrect ports could render your server inoperable or insecure.

Snapshot Button #

Snapshot Button

  • Snapshots are a great way to take an image if your server before doing some work on it. That way, if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore your instance.
  • It is exactly the same as a backup, except it is manual and designed to be temporary.
  • Snapshots are charged as £0.20 GB/mo ex VAT.
  • Your snapshot is compressed and is only the size of the data you are using. So you will only be charged for the amount of space taken up, for the amount of time you have it.
  • You can easily create a snapshot by licking the create snapshot button. The time taken to create this varies depending on the size of your installation.
  • Make sure you give this a recognizable name, so you can identify it later.
  • To restore the snapshot, click on the restore icon on the required snapshot.
  • To delete a snapshot, click on the trash can.


How toi Create a Snapshot

Graphs Button #

Server Graphs Button

  • This allows you to see the amount of data sent and received by your server to ensure that you are keeping within your bandwidth limits.

Server - Graphs

Rebuild Button #

Rebuild Button

  • This feature enables you to rebuild your server with a different operating system if required.
  • Simply choose the required operating system from the list given.

Rebuild Configuration

  • Warning: This option will remove all existing data and configurations from the server.

Reverse DNS Button #

Reverse DNS Button

  • This feature allows you to configure the reverse DNS options on the server.
  • You can create the required entries using the console below.

Reverse DNS Configuration

User Data Button #

User Data Icon

  • This feature allows you to create advanced startup scripts.
  • You can create the required entries using the console below.

User Data Configuration


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