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Free Charity Hosting

This page includes the Free Charity Hosting - terms and conditions, governing the operations of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited.

Free Charity Hosting

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1. Eligibility for Hosting Offer #

1.1 Charity Verification #

The offer is strictly for registered UK charities recognized by the UK Charity Commission. Verification requires the charity’s full registered name and registration number.

1.2 Outline of Work #

Charities must provide a brief description of their mission and the work they conduct as part of the order process.

1.3 Scope and Purpose of Offer #

This offer is available to both new and existing customers, ensuring that charities can maximize their impact and reach.

2. Criteria for Eligibility #

2.1 Alignment of Interests #

The charity’s work and projects must align with our company values and the charity must demonstrate a genuine intent to aid others without engaging in activities of extreme political or religious nature.

2.2 Financial Integrity #

Staff remuneration within the charity should be reasonable, and funds should be allocated prudently, avoiding frivolous expenses.

2.3 Transparency #

Charities are expected to present documented evidence of their activities and may be requested to share such information periodically for promotional purposes.

3. Domain and Account Requirements #

3.1 Domain Name #

Charities must purchase or transfer a domain name through our service for use with the hosted services.

3.2 Payment Method #

A valid payment method must be on file for the account to help mitigate fraudulent activities, even if the account qualifies for free services.

4. Hosting Suitability and Traffic Management #

4.1 Target Beneficiaries #

This hosting offer is tailored for small and newly established charities to assist in promoting their work and facilitating online fundraising.

4.2 Service Upgrade #

In the event of substantial traffic growth, charities may be transitioned to a paid hosting plan at a discount, to ensure service quality for all users.

5. Compliance with Policies #

5.1 Acceptance of Terms #

All hosted charity websites are subject to our standard terms and conditions and acceptable use policy.

6. Domain Management #

6.1 Domain Renewal Notification #

Account holders will receive notification at least 14 days prior to domain expiry. Payment for renewal is automatic.

6.2 Manual Payment Process #

If automatic payment fails, account holders must manually complete the payment to avoid domain expiration.

6.3 Domain Expiration #

We are not liable for losses incurred due to domain expiration or if the domain name is acquired by another entity post-expiration.

7. Hosting Account Cancellation #

7.1 Inactive Domain Policy #

If no active domain is linked to the account for 90 days, we reserve the right to terminate the hosting services, including all associated data.

7.2 Data Backup #

No backup will be retained post-cancellation, and we are not obligated to provide a copy of the data.

7.3 Outstanding Payments #

Any outstanding payments may be forwarded to a debt collection agency in accordance with our Charging Terms and Conditions.


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