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Hippo Christmas – Let’s Look Back at 2020

Christmas 2020 - With Hipposerver

Looking Back at 2020

It’s been a strange old year, hasn’t it, 2020. Twelve months ago  I would have told you that a Zoom was a kind a fruity ice lolly, and if someone mentioned the word “furlough”, I would have guessed that it was something to do with agriculture. So, Hippo Christmas—Let’s Look Back at 2020.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

But, how we have all adapted in the last few months. I have now invested in “Zoom Light”, so I am not so grainy  when I have an online meeting. The only downside is that you can now make out all my wrinkles and blemishes. My “Zoom Background” has evolved too. Before, it was a bit of a novelty to be sat on a beach, or in front of the Eiffel Tower. Now, my background is a more corporate business card type affair.

I don’t think I have ever looked at my own face as much as I have done during the COVID-19 restrictions. In a normal meeting, I am lucky enough not to see me. It’s a shock when you stare at yourself for 2 hours, noticing all your funny little quirks and mannerisms.

You are on Mute!

Who would have thought that in a meeting, when you start talking and no sound comes out, that 30+ other people, all join in unison to say “YOU ARE ON MUTE!”, which is the followed up by the confirmation “Can you hear me now?”.

I now know things about people, that I never would have known before COVID-19. My business coach as a cuckoo clock that chirps on the hour every hour. I know when my accountant gets a delivery from Amazon. A colleague of mine has some terrifying artwork on the wall of their office!  Finally, I was convinced that I was having a 1-2-1 with someone who had a fully functioning tail—it turned out to be a cat just out of shot.

The “Before Times”

Thinking back to the “The Before Times”. Did we use to wave frantically to each other at the end of a meeting? I’m sure I used to just politely nod, help myself to any remaining biscuits, and just slink off.

It’s getting quite difficult to remember was “normal” was.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that I prefer about the new way of doing things, but I am missing physical human contact too. It would be nice to move to a blended business approach when all this is over.

Was 2020 all bad?

2020 has got a lot of stick, for being, well, for being 2020, but perhaps it has been a wake-up call for a brighter and better future? What is has shown is that smaller business, if they are prepared to adapt, can actually be more resilient than these larger organizations who are almost too big to make changes to their operations.

Whatever the case, I think we all still have an interesting journey in 2021.

All that is left to say now, is from everyone here at Hipposerve, we wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous 2010.

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Harry Hippo

Hipposerve Admin, Harry Hippo, loves swamps and is vegetarian. His favourite meal is grass. He has a passion for swimming.


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