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Hipposerve – Our Logo Story

Our Hipposerve Logo Story

Hipposerve – Our Logo Story

One of the most common things our customers say to us is, “We love your logo, it’s really cute – why did you choose that?”

Like many company logos, there is a simple and feel good story behind it.

One of the hardest things I had to do when I was forming the company was to think up a name. I wanted something that would get across the customer centred approach I wanted to offer. I wanted a friendly face – something non-technical and something that would make people smile!

Furthermore, I explored a range of different ideas, including looking at some design companies, to come up with a brand for us. It did seem like such a lot of money, though – I was at a loss.

Trip to the Zoo

Cut to a family trip to the zoo and my daughter, who was 15 at the time, who loves hippos. We were watching the hippos swimming around in their enclosure, and she stated that the business should be related to these rotund, quirky animals.

I asked why, and she just said – “Because they are cool!”

When we returned home, we talked about the subject again, and I described the ‘feel’ I wanted for the company.

Learning Curve

She is great at art – I mean really good! But she had until this point only worked with pencils and paints. Anyway, off she went to the computer and started doing some stuff on an art package. It must have been a steep learning curve, as she had never used it before.

A couple of hours later, she returned with the Hipposerve Logo in glorious .svg format.

The Hipposerve logo is born

Love the Logo

I love the logo and to be honest – you can’t argue with your daughter! So Hipposerve was born; and yes, I do think that it’s cool!

She did receive payment for her work and I have promised her that every customer that says they like the logo, she gets a percentage of the profits from their sign-up!

Personal Logo – Personal Service

Personally, I think this was the best way to name and brand my company. It is very personal to me and I think gets across the personal service that we offer to our customers.


About Us

We have over 20 years experience of the industry each, either on the technical side, in support or in sales. This wealth of expertise across the industry makes us ideally placed to serve our customers. Having experienced first hand poor customer services from a number of different hosting providers, customer satisfaction became the number one priority when we founded the company.

Our aim is to make your hosting experience as straightforward as possible, so you can get on with using your site as a promotion tool, or concentrating on your business.


Ordering a hosting package is a fully automated process which can be completed from our website. If however, you wish to discuss package options with us, or any other hosting related query;  just drop us a line at our support desk.


Important: Our blog posts contain an archive of articles published by Hipposerve. Some of these refer to legacy products, that are no longer available, and may include references to prices and offers which have since been updated. Readers should be mindful, that only products, prices, and offers shown on our main website pages, and not in our blog section, are current and available. Hipposerve is unable to honour any prices or offers listed in our historical blog posts.

Harry Hippo

Hipposerve Admin is loves swamps and is vegetarian. His favourite meal is grass. Has a passion for swimming.


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