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Unlock the Cool Factor: Why .Cool is the Domain for You


In the online world, standing out is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. That's where the .cool domain strides in, sunglasses on, ready to elevate your online presence.

Saturday, 30th March, 2024

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This week, let’s dive into why .cool isn’t just a domain; it’s a statement, a branding powerhouse, and yes, it’s undeniably cool.

Grab a .cool domain from Hipposerve

£26.99 £35.99

Why Choose a .Cool Domain?

  • Instant Appeal: Imagine introducing your brand, blog, or product with a .cool domain. It’s memorable, engaging, and sets a tone that’s hard to replicate. From innovative tech startups to the next big thing in fashion, a .cool domain is your first step towards creating a buzz.
  • Perfect for Cool Products and More: Whether you’re in the business of selling the latest in gadgets, ice creams, or cooling solutions, .cool not only describes what you do but how you do it—effortlessly and with style.
  • A Brand’s Best Friend: In the world of marketing, differentiation is key. A .cool domain separates you from the crowd, offering a unique identity that resonates with audiences looking for something fresh.
  • Vanity and Versatility: Want to add a personal touch to your brand? How about harryis.cool with an accompanying email like yes@harryis.cool? It’s fun, it’s vanity in the best way possible, and it’s an unbeatable conversation starter.

A Deal Not to Be Missed!

Hipposerve is turning up the cool factor by offering the .cool domain at a chill price of just £26.99 for the first year—a significant drop from the usual £35.99. There’s never been a better time to secure a domain that enhances your brand and whispers (or shouts) to the world that you’re here to make a statement.

SEO Myths Debunked:

Concerned about SEO implications? Let’s put those worries to rest. Opting for a .cool domain won’t impact your Google rankings or SEO efforts. Search engines are all about relevance and quality content, not the suffix of your domain. So, breathe easy and get cool.

Empowering Your Online Presence:

With any Hipposerve domain, including .cool, you’re not just getting a name—you’re getting a suite of complimentary services designed to supercharge your online presence:

  • Advanced DNS Management: Take control of your domain’s DNS settings with ease, allowing for precise management of how your domain interacts with the internet.
  • DNS Backup: Mistakes happen, but with DNS backup, you can restore your settings to a previous state, ensuring your online presence remains uninterrupted.
  • Domain Parking: Not ready to launch? No problem. Domain parking allows you to reserve your cool domain name while you’re getting everything else in order.
  • Domain and Email Forwarding: Redirect visitors to your primary website and forward emails to your existing email account, ensuring no one misses out on how cool you are.

The Hippo Helpers Are Here for You:

Setting up can seem daunting, but with Hipposerve’s Hippo Helpers, you’re never alone. Whether it’s directing your new .cool domain to an existing site or a specific landing page, our team is here to ensure a smooth, hassle-free setup.

No Restrictions, Just Possibilities:

Worried about restrictions? The .cool domain comes with the freedom to express, create, and innovate. Whether it’s for personal use, a new venture, or adding flair to an existing brand, the .cool domain is your canvas.

In Conclusion:

The .cool domain is more than just a URL—it’s a branding tool, a statement of innovation, and a testament to your brand’s personality. With Hipposerve’s current offer and suite of complimentary services, there’s no better time to establish your presence online with a domain that’s as unique as you are. Dive into the cool wave today and watch your digital footprint transform with .cool.

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