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Introductory Pricing

This page includes the Introductory Pricing - terms and conditions governing the operations of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited.

Introductory Pricing

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1. Introductory Pricing Terms and Conditions #

1.1 Scope of Introductory Offer #

Our hosting plans and selected services come with an introductory offer, applicable to the payment terms agreed upon at the time of purchase. Detailed information on the duration of the offer, the savings involved, and the subsequent renewal rates are clearly stated in our pricing table. For clarity and convenience, we provide an equivalent monthly cost.

1.2 Renewal Rates #

Upon the conclusion of the introductory period, the renewal rate for the service will default to our standard monthly fee as listed for the respective plan. Customers then have the flexibility to transition to a monthly payment structure if preferred.

1.3 Eligibility Criteria #

The introductory pricing is exclusively available to new customers and is applicable only to the first service they subscribe to within their account. Any additional services or products added to the account will be billed at the standard monthly rate.

1.4 Plan Modifications #

Customers have the option to change their service plan during the renewal phase subject to the terms and availability of the new plan chosen.

1.5 Offer Limitations #

This offer is designed as a one-time benefit and cannot be reinstated or applied to an account once the initial term has expired.

1.6 Account Status #

To qualify for and maintain the benefit of the introductory offer, the customer account must be in good standing, without any outstanding payments.

1.7 Cancellation Policy #

Should the service be cancelled before the end of the introductory term, reinstatement of the introductory offer upon reactivation of service is not guaranteed.

1.8 Marketing and Communication #

We reserve the right to use general customer data for marketing purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy, to promote the success of our introductory offers.

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