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Free Backup

This page includes the Free Backup - terms and conditions, governing the operations of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited.

Free Backup

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1. Service Description #

1.1 Service Plans #

The Free Basic Website Backup service is provided on all Our shared hosting services.

1.2 Backup Type #

This service includes an automated, unmanaged 5-day rolling incremental backup, ensuring continuous protection of your website data.

2. Backup Process and Storage #

2.1 Incremental Backup #

The service executes a 5-day rolling incremental backup automatically.

2.2 Data Encryption and Storage #

Backup data is encrypted and stored off-site, utilizing a Third-Party Backup Service.

2.3 Backup Access #

Backups are accessible to customers through the Hippo Panel for monitoring and restoration purposes.

3. Customer Responsibilities #

3.1 Backup Monitoring #

Customers are responsible for the oversight of backup integrity and completion. Regular checks are recommended to ensure data reliability.

3.2 Restoration #

The customer holds the responsibility for initiating and completing any necessary data restoration from backups.

3.3 Third-Party Service Disclaimer #

We are not liable for the performance or availability of the Third-Party Backup Service. Customers use such services at their own risk.

4. Support and Restoration Charges #

4.1 Assisted Restoration: #

We offer professional restoration services at a rate of £69.99 per hour, excluding VAT. This service is optional and available upon request.

4.2 Charges: #

Charges apply to any support or restoration services provided by US, outside the scope of standard backup access and management.

5. Liability and Disclaimers #

5.1 Third-Party Reliance #

We are not responsible for the reliability, quality, or availability of the Third-Party Backup Service. Transactions and interactions with third-party services are conducted at the customer’s own risk.

5.2 No Warranties #

No representations or warranties are made regarding the third-party services. Hipposerve does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information related to third-party providers.

6. Acceptance of Terms #

By utilizing the Free Basic Website Backup service, customers agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein. This agreement includes acknowledgement of customer responsibilities and acceptance of liability limitations related to third-party services.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Hipposerve Digital Services Limited. Continued use of the backup service constitutes acceptance of these terms and any amendments thereto.

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