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Creating a Staging Site Using WordPress Manager

This guide explains how to create a stating site using WordPress manager.

Creating a Staging Site Using WordPress Manager

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Introduction #

Creating a staging site is highly beneficial, allowing for safe testing of new updates and features without impacting your live website. This not only ensures that any changes are thoroughly vetted before going public but also enhances collaboration among your team, improving the quality and stability of your projects.

Access The Hippo Panel #

  • Access the Hippo Panel by visiting this link

Go to WordPress Manager #

  • Click on the Icon to Access Word press Manager

Select the WordPress Instance #

  • If you manage multiple WordPress instances, select the one you want to use for setting up a staging site.
  • Expand the Panel on by clicking the Down Arrow

Creating a Staging Site #

Staging Mode

Click on the “Staging” button to enter staging mode.

Complete the Form #

  • Create a new directory for the staging site within a subfolder of your existing public_html folder.
  • Optionally, rename the database to something more recognizable to easily distinguish it from others.
  • It’s advisable to disable Search Engine Visibility to prevent Google from indexing the site, which could lead to duplicate content issues affecting your SEO.
  • Finally, assign a name to your staging site for easy identification.

Create the Staging Site #

  • Click on the “Create Staging” button to create the duplicate of your website
  • This will now appear in your WordPress manager for you to edit.
  • Once you have finished editing you can commit the changes to the original website.

Important Disclaimer #

Creating a staging site involves setting up a secondary WordPress instance within your hosting account. Please note that this may increase the usage of your hosting resources. Staging sites are intended solely for development purposes, not for production or high-traffic purposes.

After completing your development, please ensure to remove the staging site to conserve resources and maintain optimal account performance.

Hipposerve is not responsible for any account limitations, performance degradation, or storage issues resulting from the use of staging sites. We encourage our customers to review our fair use policy to understand the acceptable use and limitations to prevent potential issues.

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