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Accessing the Hippo Website Builder

Instructions explaining how to access the Hippo Builder on your account so you can build professional websites quickly and easily.

Accessing the Hippo Website Builder

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Introduction #

Our Hippo Builder allows you to create professional websites in just a few minutes, completely Hassle Free. Once you have ordered either the free or paid for web builder, you can access it in the following way.

Login #



Select the Correct Service #

  • Go to the Services menu and click on My Services

  • Select the Hippo Website Builder service that you would like to edit
  • Click on the Manage button

Manage Hippo Builder Services


Find The cPanel (or other control panel login) #

  • Go to the Quick Shortcuts section of the page.


Access the Website Builder #

  • Click on the Website Builder Button

Locating the Hippo Builder button in CPanel.


Hippo Website Builder

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Hippo Web Builder

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