I often get asked, “Is hosting included?”

The answer is yes, hosting is always included in our packages along with a free SSL, unless the client specifically wants to continue using their own provider.

It just makes life easier for our clients at the end of the day!

Although, when I first started the business I didn’t offer hosting as I didn’t have a supplier I was 100% happy with. I tried Site ground for a while which was fine until their support got hidden deep behind a wall of “find the help you need from our knowledge hub”. Some of my requests for help started to be denied as well unless I went for a higher plan. I wasn’t best pleased.

I was therefore delighted to be introduced to Hipposerve I’ve used Hipposerve as Your Site Matters Ltd hosting supplier for more than 2 years now. My business wouldn’t be the same without the knowledge that the brilliant team has mine and my clients’ backs when we need support. The agency hosting service is excellent, and I’d highly recommend it to any of my fellow agencies out there.

So thank you, Hipposerve. You and the Hippo Helpers are awesome and appreciated 🙏

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