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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

If you are looking for power and flexibility look no further than our Hippo VPS solutions. We offer high quality VPS servers with outstanding performance. Each comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a huge choice of operating systems and/or applications.

Fantastic Freebies


  Server Tools
  Security
  Basic SSL
  Easy Installs
  Site Migration
  Control Panel
  App Installs
  Tech Support

Unbelievable Upgrades


  Hippo Pro Email
  Easy Upgrades
  Server Backup
  Managed Solutions
  DDOS Protection
  SEO Reporting
  Website Doctor
  Website Snapshots

Need Web Design Services? 

Hippo VPS Addons

Optional Extras to Enhance your Hosting

Managed Wordpress

Managed Wordpress

Want to use wordpress without the hassle? Let us manage it! The service includes a FREE wordpress backup, 24/7 site monitoring, site security, ultimate plugins, site updates and FREE content posts. Find Out More Here


DDoS Protection

Add an additional layer of protection to keep your VPS online and operating normally even when they are the target of attacks. It stops attacks in minutes, making your website secure, with no decrease in speed.

Datacenter Location

During the order process you can choose where you want your hosting to be located. It is always best to choose the site closest to your main website audience.


Choice of OS / Applications

During purchase you can choose a wide range of operating systems and applications to install to suit your project needs. Many of these are free, but some (such as cPanel and Windows) carry a license fee.


Automatic Backup

For ultimate peace of mind, the Automated Backup operation takes all the stress of out generating backups, allowing them to be restored with a few clicks.

Price depends on the storage size of your hosting plan.



Capture an image of your server at a given time. This option is easy to use, and perfect for quickly restoring your whole installation or securing it before you make changes. 

The Details

All Hippo VPS Plans Include


High Quality VPS

We don't use the cheapest virtual private servers because our experience shows they are not much better than standard hosting! We offer ultimate performance that represents the best value for money.


Setup and Support

People tend to get a VPS to get full control and flexibility of their server. Once you have deployed your operating you are free to do what you like. Hipposerve Support will always be there, managing the overall operation of your server.


FREE basic SSL

Essential for website security. We also offer enhanced SSL solutions for those wishing to deploy E-commerce sites. (not available on all operating system configurations)


Instantly Scaleable

As you grow, you can upgrade your package. Simply contact us and we will upgrade your service, with minimal downtime. We even have some larger VPS plans available as an upgrade option.


Choose Your Installation

Choose the operating system or control panel best suited for your needs. We offer a range of excellent free and paid solutions.


SSD Storage

No cheap hard drives here. With no moving parts these solid state drives read and write data extremely fast and have unsurpassed reliability.


99.9% Uptime

As none of our packages are on a single piece of hardware we can offer a highly redundant system.


Loads of Options.

There are a range of options such as data center location, snapshots and automated backups, to protect your website.

Support Icon

Hipposerve Support.

Choose between 8 till 8 phone support, 24/7 online support and our website live chat support.

What is Hippo VPS?

Hippo VPS Server hosting is a way to provide scalable infrastructure in the form of single or many virtual servers pulled from extensive underlying computing resources.

Those resources are pooled and then made available in a form that allows them to be divided up you require.

VPS Hosting

You are in Control

Why it’s Great to Choose our Hippo VPS Hosting

Our experts know all about setting up a this type of hosting. We understand that it is a big step up from shared web hosting. Which is why we aim to make the setup as simple as possible, so you just have to deal with the familiar interface.

Resources can be added on request with minimal downtime

Because resources are pooled together there is greater redundancy in the system.

We use high speed SSD drives for fast data transfer

We can offer 99.9% Uptime

And of course, you will benefit from our outstanding and personal support team

There for You

Support to get you online and make sure you stay there.

The Friendly Face of Technology

Your service is important to us. You will always be greeted in a friendly and courteous manner by our expert team of support staff.

Server Deployment

Once you order your Hippo VPS package, there are a few things that we have to do our end to get you set up. Once that is completed, and payment has been made you will be able to access your server control panel.

First Time Login

Once your services are set up you will be sent all the required details to access server instance and administer your site in the usual way. Of course we will always be there to support you if you hit any problems.


Business Pro and VPS


What's the Difference between normal hosting and VPS Hosting?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server meaning that the entire file system of the machine is yours. Unlike our basic and reseller web hosting packages, all of the disk space, RAM, virtual CPU cores, etc. will be dedicated for your use.
What will the hostname be for my VPS?

The host name of your VPS is totally up to you. When you purchase the server you may well buy a new domain name, or transfer an existing one to us. After this, when you start to configure your server options you will be asked to assign the host name. Most customers use subdomains such as server1.chosendomain.com or alpha.chosendomain.com. These sub domains are up to you. Your name servers will often share the same domain as your host name meaning they would be ns1.chosendomain.com and ns2.chosendomain.com.

Can I host adult content on my VPS?

You would be surprised how often we get asked this. No, Hipposerve  has a very strict, zero tolerance adult hosting policy. We do not allow any content that could be considered adult or X rated. Please check your Acceptable Use Policy for full details of prohibited content.

What happens if I use up all my disk space?

As you run out of disk space your VPS will not be able to complete all it’s tasks properly and you will start to get errors. All of our VPS hosting packages allow you to instantly upgrade from inside our interface. If you’re on our largest solution, please contact us and we will sort out the best solution for your needs.

Do you offer a back up service

Yes. During the sign-up process you’ll be able to order back up services for your server. We will automatically back up everything once a day and these can be restored by contacting our support team, who can get you up and running. If you do not choose a backup option, it is up to you to secure your data.

Does my VPS come with SSH access?
How Many Websites can I Host on my VPS?

You can host as many as your resources will handle! From our experience, 50,000 daily unique visitors on WordPress won’t cross a 2.5 load with 32GB of RAM.


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Free domains are only available when purchased with multi-year hosting plan.
The duration of the offer is for one year, whereafter they revert to their standard domain fee.