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Managed WordPress Hosting

Wednesday, 27th, May 2020 | 1 comment

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting – WordPress is a powerful and extremely popular website / blog builder. Its extreme flexibility and the ability to make it do almost anything, with a range of plugins and themes means that almost 35% of the internet is powered by it.

However along with this flexibility comes issues. Third party plugins and themes are great, but to maintain security these must be continually updated.

Add just a handful of plugins and a custom theme, and you will notice that you need to do updates every couple of days. This doesn’t include WordPress updates and translation updates.

This is fine if you log in  to your website daily and have the time to check and update your plugin files. However in most cases we do not do this, and quite soon our updates can become out of date!


Do I have to Update?

In short yes? By not updating you are leaving your site vulnerable to exploits which are being discovered all the time. Plugin developers are constantly upgrading their software to fix these exploits so updates are extremely important. In addition if your website handles customer / client data it is imperative that you keep your site as secure as possible.

Only last week I received a call from a customer who has a self install of WordPress. It has been behaving strangely and the pages were not loading correctly. When I examined the installation it turned out it had not been updated in 2 years. Someone had infiltrated the site, via an insecure plugin and modified some of the core files. The website was being used to send out bulk spam email. Also – no backup had been taken.

Fortunately as the database was unaffected, I was able to reinstall the core files and update all the plugins and after a quick malware scan the site was up and running again.


What are the Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is designed to make your life easier by completing all the website housekeeping tasks for you.


As I said before, once you have just a few plugins your website may require updates almost daily. We check your site every 30 minutes to see if anything needs updating. If it does the first thing we do is take a backup of the site. This is important as it has been known for publishers to release a new version of their plugin with a bug in it.  By taking a backup we can restore the site quickly if there is a problem. Backups are encrypted and stored off site on our Amazon AWS S3 server.

Once the backup is completed the updates are made. You will be sent an email on completion. If there were any problems with the update you can contact a member of our support team who will look into this for you.

Regular Backups

As well as the update backups Managed WordPress Hosting includes a daily backup of your entire site which is made during off peak site usage (usually at night). We keep backups for 20 days, which are all encrypted and stored off site on our Amazon AWS S3 server. Should you wish to increase the data retention period, you can for an additional fee of £1.99, per 10 days, per month. This is a manual setup, and you will have to contact our support team  to initiate it. This site backup is a great deal and would cost you a minimum of £4.99 a month as a standalone product.

Website Monitoring

Hipposerve will install 24/7 website monitoring tools that not only watch all your files for unauthorised modification, but also monitor your sites for unauthorised access. This automatically blocks the IP address of anyone who makes multiple attempts to try and access the admin area of your site. You would be surprised how much this happens!

Website Optimisation

We will install a range of software that will optimise your site for peak performance. This includes a database optimisation tool, bespoke caching service and linking your website to Cloudflare CDN with railgun, or optimal content delivery. We will also install an image optimiser that not only compresses your images, but also serves the latest WebP images to compatible browsers, for increased image quality and speed.

Content Upload

To help keep your site fresh we will upload up to 4 content posts per month to your website as part of the package, provided you are able to provide the content for us.


In Summary

At £8.99 a month Managed WordPress Hosting offers incredible value for money. It enables you to concentrate on the content and design of your site, and more importantly the running of your organisation. We take care of the day to day site maintenance. For full details of this service, with information of how to order it , visit our main web page here.

An All Round Excellent Package

Great Features at Great Prices


Super Fast SSD Storage

These devices have no moving parts and are super fast, to keep your site zooming along and your visitors happy.


Loads of Bandwidth

Lack of bandwidth won't stop visitors from seeing your site. Subject to our acceptable use policy.



This makes sure communications between you and your visitor remains secure. Great to boost your SEO.


Dedicated Hippo Portal

Upgrade or Downgrade your packages, manage your services and access your 24/7 online support.


cPanel Control Panel

Manage your website with ease with this industry standard control panel .


Hipposerve Support.

We won't leave you out in the cold! Choose phone support, 24/7 online support and our website live chat support.


LiteSpeed Webserver

This ultra fast web server offers speeds of up to 50% faster than a standard server.


Loads of Options.

Need more features? We have loads of options to enhance your hosting provision.


Softaculous App Installer

Install what you want quickly and easily, with just a click of a mouse.

About Us

Hipposerve has over 20 years of experience offering web hosting, VPS Hosting, domain names and pro email services to help you make your online statement. We offer outstanding customer support where you will always be treated as an individual - not just another customer. We also have a range of tools to help get you started.

Hippo Benefits

As well as amazing prices, you also benefit from fully featured web hosting packages with a huge array of options. and don't forget you can also take advantage of:

1. FREE cuddly Hippo on all Hippo Hosting Plans
2. Awesome FREE Domain Name on Hippo Hosting Plans
3. Amazing FREE Web Hosting for Registered Charities
4. Splendid FREE Security Tools
5. Wonderful FREE Website Migration
6. Perfect FREE professional email for 1 year.

Thumbs Up


Ordering a hosting package is a fully automated process which can be completed from our website. If however you wish to discuss package options with us, or any other hosting related query;  just drop us a line at our support desk.

You can also phone us on 0330 043 1502.

Don't forget to visit us on our Facebook Page and our Twitter Feed for our latest updates.

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  1. Great Article. I ordered this service in March and it has been brilliant. My website is updated, almost daily (whenever an update is available) and I haven’t got to worry about it.


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