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Hipposerve Knowledge base

Generating a DKIM Record

Having a DKIM record in your DNS significantly improves the deliverability of your emails. This knowledge base article explains how to generate a DKIM key.

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Generating a DKIM Record


Generating a DKIM record and adding it to your DNS significantly improves the deliverability of your emails. DKIM is an e-mail authentication method designed to detect forged sender addresses in e-mails, a technique often used in phishing and e-mail spam. This knowledge base article explains how to generate a DKIM key.

Logon Prompt

Select the Email Service

  • Go to the  menu and click on My Services

Hipposerve - My Services Button

  • Select the Hippo Pro Email service that you would like to manage.
  • Click on the Manage Service button.

Manage Services

Choose DKIM Setup

  • Click on the DKIM Setup button

Enable the DKIM Service

  • Click the enable button, to enable the DKIM Service.
  • It can take a few moments for this to generate. Please be patient.
  • Only enable this service if you plan to add it to your DNS records. Enabling it without adding the records my cause email deliverability problems.

Create a NEW TXT Record in Your DNS

  • You need to create a new TXT record in your DNS service.
  • If you are unsure how to do this please contact our support desk at help.hipposerve.co.uk

Copy the DKIM Host

  • Copy the DKIM Host you generated earlier to the HOST in your DNS

Copy the DKIM Key

  • Copy the DKIM key you generated earlier to the TXT record value
  • This is a very long key, so copy it carefully.

For help with DNS configuration, please see this knowledge base article.