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Adding an Email Address to a Mailbox

When you purchase a Hippo Pro Mail you will have at least one mailbox. This knowledge base covers adding a new email address to each mailbox.

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Adding an Email Address to a Mailbox

Login #

Logon Prompt

Select the Email Service #

  • Go to the  menu and click on My Services

Hipposerve - My Services Button

  • Select the Hippo Pro Email service that you would like to manage.
  • Click on the Manage Service button.

Manage Services

Go to Your Mailboxes (Mail Accounts) #

  • Click on the Mailboxes Button

Check your Account Quota #

  • Your account quota shows you how many mailboxes (accounts) you have used against the number purchased. It also shows how much quota you have available for your emails.

Hipposerve Email Qutoa

  • If you have used all your available accounts, you will see this message.

Hipposerve - Purchase Email Upgrade

Assign an Email #

  • Assign an email by clicking on the Add mailbox Button

Add Mail Box Button

  • Complete the form below

Adding an Email Address on the Mailbox Dialogue screen.

  • The username is the bit in front of the @ in your email address. e.g [email protected]
  • The password needs to meet the criteria shown.
  • The quota is in GB. This can be any value, as long as it doesn’t exceed the available quota limit of your total account. (see previous step)
  • Name of User. This is the name shown when the email is sent.
  • When you have completed this, choose Save.

Use Email #

  • Once created, you can access the email by using webmail, or by adding the account to an email client such as outlook or thunderbird. This is detailed in the following Knowledge Base articles.



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