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Hosting For Everyone

Wednesday, 26th, February 2020 | 0 comments

We have been working very hard over the past few weeks to make our products are accessible to our customers, which is why we created FOUR different pricing tiers for our shared plans, a VPS plan for more demanding web sites, and and FREE plan for registered UK Charities.

Shared Hosting Plans

Each of these different plans are designed for specific users in mind and the pricing structure for each plan reflects that.

Personal Plans

These are designed for the individual user, or blog writer  who just wants to get their online presence felt. They are designed for low traffic sites, but like all our plans, if you outgrow them, upgrading can be done in just a few clicks. Examples of users who have a personal plan with us are:

  • Voice over artist, promoting their services
  • Model, showcasing a portfolio of their work
  • Photographer, with a highly graphical artistic site
  • Actor, with a showreel and acting CV
  • Student, with an online CV . linked to their LinkedIn account.

By leveraging the SEO on their sites, and using our litespeed caching with cloudflare, all these users have been able to climb the google rankings with their sites.

Community Plans

We believe that this is a neglected area in the world of web provisioning. Community groups, such as youth clubs, sports clubs, rambling clubs, local theatres and other community organisations often have to have medium to high traffic web sites. The smaller pricing plans don’t cut it so they have to go for the highest tier available, which are overpriced and most likely overpowered for their needs. Not only that, many people looking after these sites are volunteers, so need dedicated friendly support to help then get a good quality website online. Examples of users who have a community plan with us are:

  • Small Local Theatre Company
  • Ju Jitsu Group
  • Local Dance Group
  • Wine Tasting Group
  • Local Footpath Preservation Group

All our community plans have the same features of all our other sites.

Business Plans

This is the main bulk of our work, but again we thought long and hard about how we structured this pricing tier. Different businesses have very different needs. Why should a start-up office based company pay the same as an established high capacity e-commerce company with massive amounts of web traffic. The answer- they shouldn’t.

We have created plans that can grow with your business. Even if you reach the very top of their pricing tier, you can migrate to one of our very competitive and fully featured managed VPS servers, without any hassle. Examples of users who have a business plan with us are:

A Small Legal Company

  • Property Developer
  • Well Being Cafe
  • Spoof Comedy News Site
  • Large Finance Reclamation Company

Web Designer Plans

These are for Web Designers / Developers or Design Agencies. As a collection of organisations they often need to publish a high volume of websites. To do this they have either two options.

  1. Get a hosting account for each site individually and attribute it to the site owner.
  2. Become a reseller and manage the hosting directly.

We offer a third way. They create a web designer account with us and add the hosting sites to that. Not only are we very competitively priced but we offer bulk discounts on hosting prices of up to 25%, savings that can be leveraged into profits from the developer point of view.

Our starting prices for all these plans are listed below

For larger sites, requiring more speed, bandwidth and flexibility Hipposerve also offers a range of VPS solutions.

Your 50% Discount for the first month is applied automatically at the checkout!

*When purchased as part of a 3 year plan, payable in advance.
†Subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.
‡When purchased as part of a multi year plan. Valid until 1st year renewal.

The Technical Stuff

All Our Hosting Plans Include


SSD Storage

All our plans include ultra fast SSD storage to ensure speedy download times.


Unmetered Bandwidth

Don't be tied down by your bandwidth allowance. Subject to our acceptable use policy.


FREE basic SSL

Essential for website security. We also offer enhanced SSL solutions for those wishing to deploy E-commerce sites.


Dedicated Client Portal

Upgrade or Downgrade your packages, manage your services and access your 24/7 online support.


cPanel Control Panel

An industry standard control panel to fully manage your website.


Softaculous App Installer

One click installation of some of the most popular applications on the web.


LiteSpeed Webserver

An ultrafast web server with speeds up to 50% faster than the standard Apache server.


Loads of Options.

We have a range of extras including, web designing, off site backup and malware protection. 


Hipposerve Support.

Choose between 8 till 8 phone support, 24/7 online support and our website live chat support.

About Us

Hipposerve is a UK based company offering Web hosting, domain names, specialist email services and a range of other features to help you make your online statement. We offer outstanding customer support that always works on a personal level. You will always be treated as an individual - not just another customer. We also have a range of tools to help get you started:

Hipposerve Domain Tools

1. Price List - updated daily
2. Promotions - updated daily
3. Suggestion Tool - (this is not compatible with all tlds, but can be used to find good names for the others)
4. Registration - (this allows you to filter down the tld's into different categories to make it easier to find them)


Other Benefits

As well as amazing prices, you also benefit from fully featured web hosting packages with a huge array of options. and don't forget you can also take advantage of:

1. 50% OFF your first month's hosting
2. FREE Divi Theme and Web Designer for WordPress OR FREE Weebly Web Builder
3. FREE Web Hosting for Registered Charities

Ordering a hosting package is a fully automated process which can be completed from our website. If however you wish to discuss package options with us, or any other hosting related query;  just drop us a line at our support desk.

You can also phone us on 0330 043 1502.

Don't forget to visit us on our Facebook Page and our Twitter Feed for latest price information.

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