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Shared and VPS Hosting Packages

Hipposerve – Fast, Secure and Reliable shared and VPS hosting, with amazing customer service.

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Personal Hosting Packages

Prices Starting From

£2.99 /month*

*if purchased as part of a 3 year package

  • Our Personal Packages are perfect for the individual who is just starting out on the web.
  • Maybe it’s a blog, or a Digital Portfolio? Or perhaps you are beginning a solo enterprise?
  • Whatever it is Hipposerve has has the tools to make your web presence felt.

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Community Hosting Packages

Community Icon

Prices Starting From

£8.99 /month*

*if purchased as part of a 3 year package

  • If you are a club, group, charity or non profit organisation we also have a special Community Package designed especially for you.
  • It is optimised to cope with the higher demand of traffic your type of service requires it gives you the speed and reliability you require.

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Business Hosting Packages

Business Icon

Prices Starting From

£9.59 /month*

*if purchased as part of a 3 year package

  • Whether you are a start up company or a more established organisation, we have the product for you.
  • All our packages offer a range of tools, that some of the bigger web hosting companies make you pay extra for.
  • Our Business packages all have  access to business email and business level support services.

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Web Designer Hosting Packages

Web Developer Icon

Prices Starting From

£9.59 /month*

*if purchased as part of a 3 year package

  • If you are a website designer or developer and have many websites you can save loads by hosting with us.
  • We offer a managed reseller packages with a tiered pricing structure.The more sites you host – the cheaper they become!
  • We take care of all the technical elements, whilst you can do what you do best – design and develop websites.

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Don't Forget Our VPS

VPS IconAnd don’t forget, our host of VPS servers, all fully customisable, with prices starting from just £45 per month, complete with a whole host of features.
Our VPS infrastructure is integrated with a high speed cloud allowing resources such as RAM, CPU and DISK space to be added on request. This can be performed in real-time, with no down-time of your server.

Web Hosting for Everyone

Hosting OptionsAt Hipposerve we want to move away from the ultra techie approach that other web hosting providers offer.
We also want to be transparent in our pricing. We challenge you to go to one of the “big boys” out their and follow their ultra cheap hosting packages through to the shopping cart. Once you have added on their “essential features” you will find that the cost has rocketed.

Our packages do what they say in their description. Yes, there are optional extras you can purchase, but they are just that – options!

Clients Said

Customer Experience Icon

  • What great advice I received. I wanted a to host my small Theatre Website which sells tickets via a small e-commerce platform. It's nothing fancy, but on occasions has quite a lot of traffic. On my previous provider (one of the hosting big boys), it used to grind to a halt on these occasions. The guys at Hipposerve were able to point me to the correct package to suit my needs, without breaking the bank. Since being with Hipposerve, my website has been speedy, especially at those critical times when my box office opens.

    Great Advice – Sue Blake
  • I have used Hipposerve for a number of years now and one thing that stands out is the level of support they offer. Not a lot has gone wrong, but when I was unable to use a particular service, they answered my support ticket, and solved my issue within 15 minutes.

    Excellent Support – Jack Feathergood
  • I have having a nightmare transferring my domain name away from my existing host to Hipposerve. I was getting no where fast getting my EPP code from my original host in order to move away. Thankfully however, with just one ticket to the Hipposerve support desk, they took complete control of the situation and managed to get the transfer initiated within a few minutes. They have since helped me install my first Wordpress and and give me a few tips on how to make it too good and perform well.

    Solved my Difficult Transfer Problem – James Tooley
  • Transferring from one web host to another can be a real headache. The guys at Hipposerve were great and helped me conduct a free transfer, ensuring minimum downtime for my site and other services. They also transferred my email, and aside for waiting for a few hours for DNS propagation, all went well. Thank you!

    Site Transfer – Cory Langan
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    Robust and high quality business email. Packages designed to suit needs ranging from individuals to large scale organisations.

  • Support


    Setting up a new hosting package and website can be mind boggling. At Hipposerve we are determined to provide fast, friendly support that is of a high quality. We offer a 24/7 online service and phone lines that run from 8am - 8pm. We are also committed to building and maintaining a range of support materials in our knowledge base and on Youtube.

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    If you are just starting out on the web, or if you are a growing business, we have a package that is right for you. With an emphasis on security and support; your hard work is safe with us.

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