Ordering a Product from our Website

Ordering a product couldn't be easier. You just need to follow these simple steps.

1. Once you have chosen your product - click "Buy"

2. With any hosting product you need a domain name for it to work. Here you will be presented with 3 choices.

a) Register a new domain name - exactly as described - you use this when you haven't already got a domain name.

b) Transfer your domain name from another registrar. If you already have a domain name with someone else you may want to take advantage of our free transfer offer and very competitive prices by transferring your name to us. There are different ways of doing this depending on the type of domain name .It is worth noting that Domain Name transfer can take some time depending on the transferring registrar.

c) I will use my existing domain name and update my name servers. This involves keeping your names where they are and pointing them to us. It means you still have to pay your old registrar for the names when they renew.
In addition this option can be used if you already have a domain name with us and wish to use it with a new product.

As always we are always here to help with any technical aspects of your domain name.

3. You will then be presented with your hosting order summary and the configuration options.
4. In order to get the best possible price for your you can choose the billing cycle of the product. Typically the longer the billing cycle, the cheaper the product becomes.

5. We offer a range of addons (some free, some paid) to help you get the best from your hosting. Simply go through our list to specify your options.

Once you are happy with your configuration, click continue.

6. If you have ordered or transferred a domain name you will be given some domain configuration options.

These are optional extras to extend our domain name provision.

7. Review your order. You will also have one last chance to purchase any add ons.

8. Complete your checkout details. If you have an existing account log in here. For convenience you can also log in using your social media accounts.


9.  Carefully enter your billing details.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Credit / Debit card payments details are checked against your billing address for security. Make sure it is the same as the details saved for the card. 

10. Enter the additional information required, Domain registrant information and account security details.


11. Choose your payment details. A recurring payment is set up. These can be canceled in your customer portal.

12. Enter any additional notes and requirements you may have, and if you like opt in to join our mailing list, will will sign you up to regular updates on products, services, discounts and special offers.

Even if you opt out of this you will still receive information about your account and billing invoices. 

When you are happy - Complete the Order.

IMPORTANT: It can sometimes take a few moments to provision your hosting, especially with VPS servers.
Please be patient and do not navigate away from this page.

13. CONGRATULATIONS, you now have your Hipposerve Web Hosting. Please browse through our knowledge base for instructions of how to make the most of our services.



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