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We have all the tools you need to get your new business started online. From the business name, to hosting your website, the Hippo will be there every step of the way.

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Hipposerve Startup Business Tools

There is so much to think about when you are starting your new business. With incorporation, financing, and day to day operations, the last thing you need is to worry about all the complexities about getting online. Thankfully, Hipposerve have put together a range of startup business tools to take the pain out of this.

From helping you choose your business name; to actually helping you build your website, the Hippo will guide you on your journey.

Our “Hippo Helper” team, is also always there too, to answer any of your questions and assist you in getting set up. Oh and did we also mention, you get a FREE HIPPO, with many of our hosting products.

Let Hipposerve Help You Find a GREAT Business Name for your startup

Choose an Unforgettable Business Name

Always a tough one, this! So much hinges on creating that unforgettable brand. Hipposerve have created a unique Business Name Generator that puts together interesting and unique business names, based on a keyword that you enter!

We can even find a matching domain name for you at the same time. We have other startup business tools, to get you moving.

Getting a Great Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name can also be difficult. It needs to be easy to remember and quick to type in (even on a mobile phone). It also needs to be available if you already have your business name!

You can do a quick check on your domain name availability by completing the “Find and Awesome Domain” form at the top of all our web pages. Many of our domain names are just 99p for the first year, and free if you buy them with some web hosting.

Get a domain name free for a year with the UK's best web hosting.
Hippo Professional Email solutions from Hipposerve UK. The Hippo mail room.

Matching Emails for that Professional Touch

There is email and there’s email—not all are great for business. may have served you well for years, but it doesn’t look great on a business card!

70% of users say they would trust a company with an email that matches its domain name, than those with a generic email address.

Our professional mailboxes are matched with your domain name and include all the features you would expect, as well as enhanced delivery AND a 30-Day email backup as standard!

Hosting Your Website

When you invest time and money into a website, you need to make sure that it is stored on a fast, secure and reliable server.

80% of your users will leave your website, and go to a competitor, if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

We have a range of different hosting options to suit different hosting needs, from simple single page websites, to large scale business applications.

All of our hosting plans are designed to grow with your business. We will help you upgrade your solutions, with minimal hassle and downtime, when your user base increases.

As always, or “Hippo Helper” team is on hand to discuss your requirements and choose the best hosting option for your needs.


Hipposerve Shared Hosting - Hipposerve hippo working happily at his desk thanks to some of the best UK web hosting
Hippo Website Builder - Hippo love our web builder with its free 30-day trial

Building Your Business Website

Your business website is your shopfront. Even if you don’t sell directly online, a great website can exchange your visibility and reputation.

When you are starting out, you need to get your website up and running quickly, however, we understand that you probably won’t have a huge budget to do this. Whilst professionally designed websites are fantastic, many small or startup businesses prefer to build it themselves—especially in the first instance.

We have developed Hippo Builder precisely for this purpose. Easy and fun to use, you will be able to get a professional website up and running in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of an agency build.

If you are looking for a WordPress site, we also have specialised hosting for this platform.

We can even give you help to find a trusted design agency for your web project, just get in touch with the Hippo Helper team.

Looking After Your Investment

Once you have your domain, email and website, it is important to look after your investment. Your website may have a taken a long time to produce, or cost a lot of money. Either way, you will need to ensure that it is looked after.

We provide a range of Hippo Care solutions, that include website backups, enhanced security suites, 24/7 monitoring, website backend updates and even blog post updates. All these form part of our startup business tools.

Hippo Care solutions from the best in UK web hosting team
Hippo Support Promise making the hippo happy

Support For Your Business

One of the greatest startup tools is excellent support. If something goes wrong with your website, it is always good to know that there is a team ready to help you. You don’t want to be trying to fix a broken website when you have a business to run.

Our Hippo Helper Team is always ready to  answer your questions and help fix any technical issues you may have or offer advice on any of our services.

Hipposerve -  The Best Solutions

for your Business

Why do people choose Hipposerve? It's because we are great at what we do and fantastic value too. Just look at the headline stats below.

Domain Names

Hosted Websites

Email Accounts

99.9% Uptime

Hours Downtime

Hipposerve website transfers are free - best UK web hosting

Transfer your Website
to us for Free!

We understand that transferring a website isn't an easy process. This is why we offer a FREE website transfer service, to move your website, email, and other online services to Hipposerve. No website is the same, so we work with you to develop a web transfer plan and timescale.
In addition, we:


Liaise with your existing provider to give you a seemless transfer


Audit and optimise your existing website where possible


Transfer domains, emails and other associated services.

Our Portfolio of Hippo Care Services

We offer a wide range of other services to support your website and hosting plan, to help you manage and protect your website, and improve your productivity online.

Hippo Care - Looking After your online investment.

Hippo Care - Managed WordPress

Great Websites Designs from just £499

Hippo Care - Website Designer

Need a new website, or a website refresh. The Hippo design team, have a range of packages from a £499 get started plan, to bespoke design solutions.

Migrate your website to Hipposerve for Free

Hippo Care - FREE Website Migration

Moving web hosts can be a right hassle. Not with Hipposerve, we do all the hard work for you.... for FREE!

Build a Website in Minutes with Hippo Builder

Hippo Care - Hippo Builder

Our hassle-free web builder will have a professional website up and running in minutes.

Hippo Care - Website Doctor

Do you have a slow or misbehaving website? Maybe the email forms have stopped working, or the layout is all squiffy. The Hippo Doctor can diagnose and treat a range of issues.


Hippo Care - Backup Solutions

Protect your site from hackers, viruses and rogue updates with this easy to use backup solution for websites and website databases.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 20 years of expertise in supporting users with all types of internet service. Your custom is also extremely important to us. You will always be greeted in a  friendly and courteous manner by our expert Hippo Helper team.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If your website goes down, your business becomes invisible. This is why we work tirelessly to protect our systems from disruptions


Hassle-Free Guarantee

We will be there for you when you need us most, to help you sort out an issue, or to upgrade your services quickly and easily. And remember, no question is a daft question. If it's causing you worry, we will help you solve it!

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